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This is a year has passed since my wife Sue and I decided to put your fingers out in this lifestyle. It began as a conversation in bed. We just had to kill a television program seen and talked about how they cherish. Like most men I liked the idea of ​​taking other women with my wife for permission. And I must admit, the idea of ​​Sue fucking other men was a kind of elephanttube turning point in. On the elephanttube other hand, Sue acted all shy, but the feel of her wet slit, let me know that she was very interested in idea and little by little, he admitted that he found the idea was excellent and that she liked the idea, with more cock. Finally, we have summarized the courage and went to a club. We opted for a couple of nights and we loved it. It was very relaxing, erotic and surprising really matters. The first few times were we to know how other couples in the same room with no idea of the ' soft swing ' was screwed. It was wonderful to see men on the naked body of my wife sucked my cock as I fucked orthem. And I've always taken the time to admire the naked woman's body. The third time I saw Sue gets fucked by another man. We were standing in the chat bar and then when we get in a game room that the same pair (Maggie and Richard) had joined us. elephanttube Richard Sue had taken over without asking, but she did not complain. And I have the pleasure of seeing my wife had her legs open for him. He licked her pussy and then sucked his cock before she rode his cock. elephanttube All the time I enjoy Maggie 's body was curved. Although there is a man few had ever seen, sue nude, this was the first time I saw her open her legs for another Mans would be happy. We really felt like we had moved things to the next level and we were both massively in what we had done so. We were there for a few months. I saw three other men fuck Sue and every time I screwed up between the man's wife Susana legs and everything seemed so natural. Then tried to open a night for the first time with singles and allchanged. continue with our routine. Sue and I are in the thirty-five years, and both want to take care of ourselves. Sue has a fantastic figure with firm 36c breasts and long dark hair, never had children and still has a nice tight ass. She turned ups and a thong, and then a thin transparent cover, without a bra and a short skirt and matching jacket. She was shaved and the hair and the nails were freshly made. I dressed smart, and entered the club to use. I had never done before opening night and thought we would check on him. First, there was a lot busier. There were some couples who, half a dozen, 15 other single men and even a couple of girls sat kissing. We joined a couple in one of the booths and talk. We told them it was our first night was opened and warned that if we open the door was an invitation for singles to join us was to join, but when you close the door that no one will bother us. ' And you can always say that it isod off, 'said the man after 10 minutes, the couple left us to change. I realized that Sue had not believed that because she had filed her jacket so she could see her tits. Now, it remained that's exactly what he did. pulled her jacket and her breasts clearly visible through the thin fabric of her blouse pure. I looked around and there was once a man in search of her breasts. some openly, some secretly but they all make sure you have a look and I smiled at the thought of Sue advertising themselves as such. came Surprisingly, none of the men only to us. you were content to look at her breasts. Sue was enjoying the attention and I began to wonder if he were a little intimidated by it. After half an hour I asked Susan if she wants to go up. she gave me a sexy smile and said 'yes. 'I have a couple of us and we had towels. I had the same appeal elephanttube before tingling when we walked through the area below. Knowi hadSue elephanttube ng under his towel naked except for her stockings, and knew all this, we are here to fuck. I do not think it would be so different from the pairs of the night we visited, but how wrong I was. One room was in use and we looked out the window. A few middle-aged men spitting woman, while another man watched and masturbated. It took a moment elephanttube to realize that the man masturbating the man who had spoken on the stairs and the woman was his wife. There were only a few men hanging around in chat and all saw Sue. Some even smiled hopefully at her went into a game room and asked Sue if we open the door, looked thoughtful for a moment or so when the towel, said, ' No, let's see what happens ' to be removed must close. We're both lying in bed. Sue was naked except for their captivity, and I quickly took my towel and went to her. I kissed my hands and groping her breasts, before drifting slowly into her pussy. I stroked her pussy lips as we kissed and then slid a finger inside her. I gasped as he looked at the door. A man came elephanttube in and was at least 10 years older than me and had glasses and a receding hairline. Sue was sure he 'd lost, but did not. He lay on the opposite side of it to me and started to fondle him. Sue has a little start when it touches, but does not prevent it. He began to grow more confident after a few seconds and began to caress his chest and rubbed her nipples with his thumb. I kissed her passionately for several seconds. Then my hand moved between her legs. elephanttube On the other hand was already there, however, and looked and saw that his fingers were in my wife 's pussy. He looked elephanttube at me and his eyes were closed, as the man sucked her nipples and her fingers. I wondered if they knew it was his hand gave him pleasure, not mine. Then he slipped out of bed and put my cock in her mouth. He opened his eyes, smiled and then took me tothe mouth. After a minute for the man looked up and spoke the first words he had spoken. elephanttube ' She's ready for a dick now ' He stepped back and dropped the towel and found a condom. Circumcision was a huge cock, much bigger than me and I was fascinated as she slipped the condom on the big purple head and down his thick rigid shaft. With a hand grabbed my hips and women to sit with the other his cock in my wife's pussy. He was not soft or slow, and obviously do not like everyone but their own care. He only used my wife, he took it hard, fast and rough, mauling her tits and grunting as he rammed his cock Sue. It was pure animal lust of the two. I saw her take questions as they would have this impact. She was loving it ! And he wasted no time and slid my cock into her mouth. Sue likes a cock in her mouth, but it was far wilder than normal wild. I sucked hard cock then rubbed his face againstlicking and sucking hard on my balls. I looked at the door and three men were watching from the door. Some of them masturbate while they watched. The man sued fucks his pace, before ramming his thick cock deep into elephanttube my wife and I have been. Then he growled elephanttube as he approached. He bent and kissed her, said 'thank you ' and then gave me a weak smile as he removed the condom full of semen, put your towel and left. Sue opened her mouth and still had my cock filling her mouth. She slowed the pace of suck and I reached down to feel her pussy. That was blazing hot and soaking wet. I looked at the men at the door and all three seemed to accept this as May, join us. The three were older than me, but everyone seemed to know exactly what they did. The first man buried his head between her thighs and licked Susan slit. Another man suck on her tits and let her hands wander over her body and the last man to beat his cock against her cheek tor let him know I wanted to suck his cock. Sue came elephanttube and took the cock elephanttube strange hand and I on the other. At first, she is alternately sucked then put two cocks in her mouth and licked at the same time our buttons. It felt strange and erotic feel my cock rubbing serves another dick in my wife in the mouth. ' Does she swallow? ' Said the man 's mouth to share my wife with me. I did not know what to say. She swallowed my cum, but a stranger? I do not know. But Sue just took his cock from her mouth for a moment and said : ' No, but you can cum on my tits, if you want' totally surprised me to see my wife as a complete bitch. Surprised, but more excited than I have been. I knew I wanted to end soon, so I started to watch. My place was immediately occupied by the man who was sucking her tits. The man between her legs was getting a condom and was caught moments later for the second time that night. I saw her sucking shit and the three strangers. She is my wife, the dog that she did with surreal, erotic and dirty, it was done. My penis was rock hard, but I had nowhere to sit, so I masturbated careful not to end up like I've seen. The first man out of the mouth and then masturbated Susana on her tits. His chest rose and fell, like his sperm splattered. The man fucks her in his will (hopefully in your condom ) was. His place was the third man stopped and took another elephanttube cock in her pussy open all the hair. The two men cum away and so I went back and stuck my cock back in Sue 's mouth. The man between her legs was pulling hard and she complained to her way, but God knows what the number of orgasms I had. shaved head burly black man joined us in the room. He removed the towel and came to us in bed. He had a bad eye very thick cock. He wasted no time and knelt on the head. When they realized it was because I was leaving my dick from his lips and took his thick black cock in her pretty mouth. It looked like a thick pudding and out of my wife in the mouth and was much more difficult than it sucks. The man was fucking her between her legs and I thought, like his colleagues, who would be the last, while elephanttube he shot. But he took off his condom and masturbated. Injected in seconds a elephanttube stream of cum all over the belly of Susana and he nodded and left. Sue was knackered, but I knew I was not ready for them. The black man asked if he could take her from behind, and she took his cock from her mouth and elephanttube smiled in the affirmative. He turned around and got on all fours, like putting on a condom. He came in my pussy and elephanttube gasped as he slid the length of your penis bigger, thicker inside. I put my cock in his mouth and his mouth. His heart was not in sucking me, as it was obvious she was concentrating on the pleasure that the cock was elephanttube in her pussy, but itsHe was still on. The resistance was black and really fucked up what seemed forever. His huge black cock took elephanttube it, but elephanttube several huge orgasms before I finally took it, moved from his condom and masturbate elephanttube his semen all over her red, shaking your ass. When he did I said cock inches from her face while concentrating on the other side of your body. But they did not even move your hand that I found. I was so scared my wife a bitch that I could not take it anymore and spurted my semen in the face and chin. The black man thanked him and went, and I closed the door and then clean my cum from my wife's face and then wiped the semen of other men elephanttube of her tits, ass and belly. I was exhausted and a bit of pain. It took a while to regain her composure. Then she told me how much she had enjoyed and compare what each man had done to her, and what had happened. We left the room and Sue elephanttube went to the shower while it took us some drinks. When I was still in the shower, but I was not alone. A big -haired man was there with her and Sue was on her knees sucking cock like a bitch completely meaningless. I was there and saw that it felt like a spare part because it keeps the drinks. The shower water was running down his face and when I saw the man and said he wanted to run right out of his mouth and pulled him to his face. The spunk elephanttube in her face elephanttube upturned to my wife and after a split second his sperm washed by the water. He did not want to go, but lifted his feet and let his hands explore her body that washed it. Finally, if you had fun with it for a while. He smiled and kissed me and left. We finished our drinks and left the club. Sue said that her pussy was aching to fuck everyone else and not let me on it for almost a week after that night. Since elephanttube that night I have no wife, but I took the VHAe-mail account, the men from elephanttube my wife dog has escaped. They prefer to become ' greedy girls ' nights. Have they can go and fuck her choice. As I write this evening has been changed to a club for the first time on their own. elephanttube He dressed like a total bitch in stockings, high boots, a mini- skirt, top, and see, but no underwear. She looked beautiful while walking and trying to attract foreigners so they can catch and can be used. I can not wait until she comes home and tells me the details.
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